Connor & Rebecca McMahon

For us both, family and friends are what’s most important. Benoit somehow snuck his way into both categories pretty quickly. We met him by chance in 2013 at the Goose & Gander basement bar, and when we started talking vines the rest of the day just disappeared.

Connor grew up in Iowa with parents who collected wine, but loved to drink it too. Rebecca grew up surrounded by vines in Paso Robles, and studied Viticulture and Enology at Davis. We both found our way into winemaking and finally met in Paso when Connor was working at Booker – right next door to Fulldraw Vineyard, where we live now with our daughter. Our vineyard isn’t work . . . it’s our life. We see it every day, we talk about it every day. There is no separation.

McMahon Fulldraw Vineyard