Nikita Touquette

Nikita Touquette’s journey to fine wine began with music. An Orange County native, she trained as a singer-songwriter, earning a degree in Music & Music Business from Belmont University before launching her career in Nashville and New York City. A chance remark at a tasting shifted her focus to fine wine, where she found the same artistry, love, and dedication to craft she had enjoyed in music

As the first Director of The Mascot under Domain H.W. Harlan, Nikita’s talent for sales, marketing and strategy proved instrumental in propelling the label from a modest 500-case venture to a thriving wine boasting over 6,000 cases.

After dedicating seven years at The Mascot, Nikita embarked on a new chapter. In early 2020, she joined Fait-Main shortly after marrying Benoit, bringing her wealth of experience and passion to their family endeavor. She shares Benoit’s creativity, as well as his commitment to hard work, authenticity, and integrity. Their joy was further amplified with the arrival of their first child, Roman, in November 2021.

“Wine is really a form of art with the same level of care, discernment and craft, and the ability to connect so many different types of people. That is what feeds me. I feel so fortunate that this is what I get to do.”